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What is eCourtDate?

eCourtDate is a cloud-native communications platform used by justice systems such as courts and prosecutors. Agencies can automatically send and receive two-way messages via texts (SMS), email, and voice calls.

Webhooks allows system admins to integrate eCourtDate's scheduling and messaging capabilities into their own applications and workflows.

eCourtDate Agency Required

To use this guide, you must be an authorized user with at least one assigned agency. Sign up for a free trial here ecourtdate.com/sign-up.

Getting Started

Webhooks are designed to provide real-time data about messages, events, and payments for machine-to-machine communication. You can use webhooks to notify an internal Teams channel about new payments or a kiosk system about new check-ins.

Step 1 - Create a Webhook

Login to the Console, then click Webhooks from the top navigation.

In the Add Webhook form, enter a name (you can change this later), choose a region, then click Add.

Step 2 - Customize Webhook

(optional) Choose the Agency to use for the webhook.

(required) Enter your webhook URL. This is the URL that we'll send webhook events to.

Step 3 - Use Webhooks

Webhooks can be used in connected systems to respond to real-time changes. Use our REST API to update data and trigger multilingual notifications.

Inbound Message Webhook

The following is a sample payload of an inbound message (such as a text message) sent to an Agency Phone Number.

"token": "{uuid}",
"content": "Can I reschedule my next court date?",
"from": "+14442225555",
"to": "+12224445555",
"segments": 1,
"mms": 0,
"channel": "text",
"uuid": "{uuid}",
"created_at": "{date-time-utc}",
"created_by": "{api-uuid}",
"url": "{message-url}",
"sent": 1,
"last_status": "received",
"direction": "inbound",
"credits": 1,
"scheduled_at": "{date-time-utc}",
"updated_at": "{date-time-utc},
"client": "{client-uuid}",
"first_name": "james",
"last_name": "madison",
"client_reference": "{client-reference}",

Sample Code

Technical Support

If you have any questions or issues while using eCourtDate's Webhooks, please contact our support team at help@ecourtdate.com. We're here to help.

We appreciate any feedback or suggestions to improve our Webhooks and technical resources.